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New-York-City-based aerial dance company is coming to Halifax to teach aerial dance, traditional modern dance, floor improvisation, and bungee dance.

Workshop Dates: June 9th to June 16th

Karen A. Fuhrman has her M.A. from NYU in choreography and specializes in both ground and aerial dance. She has performed with Pilobolus, seen with 2007 Oscars Award Show, Ellen Degeneres, Good Morning America, and twice on the Conan O’ Brian show. Other credits include Cavalia of Cirque du Soleil, De La Guarda, and MOMIX.  She has also danced for the VH1 Fashion Awards, MTV, PBS, ABC, and Showtime.  She is currently a dance professor at De Sales University and teaching though out the world various workshops.


 If we don't have the numbers in advance to run them, they will be cancelled. If you can't pay online, you MUST let us know that you're planning on attending. If you do not show up for your workshop/class after registering for it, you will be asked to pay for your spot.


Saturday June 10 and Sunday 11th - 3:30: - 6:00pm - $120

Method and Stanislavski acting methods and character development focus along with choreography development. Make your choreography seamless, and with a plot/through-line which will give your piece authenticity and captivate the audience. Your piece will be more than just tricks –  it will be engaging and artful!

1 Day Character Workshop - 3:30 - 6:00pm - June 10 $75
1 Day Choreo Workshop - 3:30: - 6:00pm - June 11 $75

Saturday June 10 - 7:00 - 9:00pm - $65

This class takes improvisation on the floor, and transfers it into the air! You'll find and create unique new moves which will enhance your aerial Repertoire and performance.

Wednesday June 14th  - 5:00 - 7:30pm - $45

This class will be in the beautiful Saint Matt’s Church Sanctuary

In this class we will focus on the line and form of your body via ballet, and modern technical focus. My 20 years of being a professional dancer will assist toward your elegance and form – and your overall aerial performance.  Take a ballet class in the air.

Sunday June 10 - 7:00 -9PM - $65

This class will improve your ability as an overall performer and/or aerialist.  Dancing with international modern dance companies Pilobolus and Momix for the last 20 years – – you will also learn repertoire from these two famous companies. This is an investigation of thinking in the moment, exploring your movement tendencies, spatial awareness/investigation, and problem-solving skills. You will move out of your comfort zone to a higher place of artistry and understanding.  Often, this class is a cathartic and life altering experience that enables personal insight and review that enables wisdom and giant individual creative progress. ALL TYPES OF MOVERS WELCOME

Wednesday June 14th - 7:30 - 9:00pm - $45

This class will be in the beautiful Saint Matt’s Church Sanctuary

This class offers different stretching exercises for the Aerialist. Ballet, modern, jazz and yoga techniques assist you to become as strong, bendable and stretchy as possible! Take these exercises and incorporate them into your daily/weekly routine, and see yourself improve leaps and bounds!


Ever want to bounce like a baby and a bouncy chair? Or dynamically bounce 20 feet up while being lowered smoothly and safely via a bungee over and over again? This class is fun and it works your abs like no other! The only other place this is offered is in New York City and London.

Advanced BUNGEE for the aerialist or dancer
Monday June 12 - 5:00 – 6:30pm - $45

This is a totally different way to dance, fly, and experience choreography.  Interact with a partner on the ground and explore this dynamic way to express yourself.

Beginner BUNGEE for the beginner
Saturday June 10 - 2:00 - 3:30pm - $45

Get a work out beyond your dreams.  People have said that this is like Pilates on crack!  Come experience the aerial bungee work out craze for your self.

Grounded Aerial has appeared at Yerba Festival (San Francisco), Microsoft's worldwide Vista and Office Logo launch,, Limelight club (NYC),  Company y Company (Spain), Bidvest Awards Ceremony (Johannesburg, South Africa), Skirball Theater (NYC opening for Neil Diamond), Baila! (Palace of Culture in Guatemala City), Spiderman II NYC, Usher (NYC Gala), Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, the ESPN awards, the Lincoln Center, America’s Got Talent, Beach House music video, Studio 54, Lagos, Nigeria cooperate event, Sleep No More NYC, Broadway- with the hit musical Matilda. Grounded was in Guatemala City flying, drumming, and dancing for a crowd of 10,000 for the World Cup.  We have held numerous workshops through the world. Her choreography can be seen on NBC’s hit primetime show, “I Can Do That!” She conceptualized a 35-minute aerial play, performed on the side of a 22-strory building, for the Rochester Fringe Festival, She has recently just got back from touring in Brazil teaching the new aerial bungee dance craze, Grounded Bungee©

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