At Halifax Circus we teach a complete curriculum of circus, and span the 5 families of circus work:

  • Aerial Circus: Silks, cerceau (hoop), trapeze, rope, hammock, and more

  • Acrobatics: Solo and partner acrobatics, as well as handstand classes

  • Object Manipulation: Juggling (solo and complex passing patterns), diabolo, flowersticks,

  • Balance: Tightrope, unicycle, rolling globe, rola bola and stilts

  • Clown and performance: Taking circus arts and getting them performance ready through work on character, timing, presentation and improvisation

From people who've never even tried circus arts to our most advanced students, we strive to create an environment where everyone is comfortable learning new skills.



Halifax Circus offers several different types of circus acrobatics. It's important to note that circus is different than gymnastics and uses different skills! Its about finding your abilities and potential, while having fun.

We currently offer two levels of acrobatics, handstand and core training as well as cyr wheel and youth classes.


Aerial Circus

Our aerials program at Halifax Circus is incredibly popular for our variety of classes for all different skill levels. 

Classes are designed to teach circus skills and fitness is a great bonus. We offer classes for true beginners through to advanced students and those looking to develop their performance skills.


Juggling & Circus

If it doesn't fall under Acrobatics or Aerials - It's circus! 

We offer circus classes for children where they learn object manipulation and balancing in a fun supportive environment.

Adult classes include tightrope, unicycle and rola bola.



Halifax Circus has expanded its range of child, youth and teen circus! We are overjoyed to offer classes to youth of all ages, experience and fitness levels. We are thrilled to help foster attitudes of self confidence, body positivity, active lifestyle and curiosity in the next generation of the circus community. Let your family join our family.


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