• Water Bottle

What to wear?

  • Athletic, comfortable, form-fitting clothing. This helps teachers see your alignment.

  • A bodysuit or a shirt that will remain tucked in.

  • No Jewelry (for safety)

  • Add layers in the winter months, it can get cool in the gym.

Discipline specific attire

  • Unicycle: Running Shoes or Sneakers

  • Tightrope (Balance Class): Running Shoes, Sneakers, Jazz shoes, or something similar.

  • Aerials (silks, trapeze, lyra, ect):

    • A bodysuit or shirt that will remain tucked in

    • Shirts with sleeves to protect skin under arms *

    • Pants that extend below the knees *

    • No metal or plastic on clothing (no buttons, zippers)

*Please bring these to layer overtop, even if you come in with short sleeves/shorts