Young Circus 1 (5-8)

Saturday 10:00AM - 11AM - Mike Hirschbach

This circus class for our youngest students combines circus skills such as balancing on props and simple acrobatics with games and imaginative play. Let Mikes humor, years of experience with youth circus and enthusiasm bring a new element of learning, growth and confidence into your child's life. It’s a great introduction to the excitement and pleasures of circus and an hour away from screens of all kinds.


Young Circus 2 (9-12)  

Saturday 11:00AM - 12:00PM - Mike Hirschbach 

This circus class for young students develops balance skills on props and tightrope, begins training in acrobatics, and works on aerials every alternate week. Build confidence, body positive attitudes and a sense of curiosity and play before the trials of teenage years. Let Mike's infectious love of circus create a space to learn, grow and explore.

Balance Class

Monday 8Pm - 9:30PM - Mike Hirschbach

Description TBA


Juggling and Circus  

Sunday 5:30 - 7PM - Mike Hirschbach

An introduction to the basics of object manipulation – juggling, diabolo and flower sticks – from the basics of the 3 ball juggle to complex club passing, and simple diabolo variations to 2 diabolos. Learn which objects speak to your sense of play and curiosity while Mike coaches and mentors you through more complex skills and techniques.  Be warned, once you begin to toss, spin, fiddle and flick, you may never want to stop.


Open Gym   

Mondays & Fridays 3:00 – 5:00PM

Open Gym is for Halifax Circus current students and instructors to use the gym during set times to train and practice their skills. Instructors are on hand for safety reasons, but there is no formal instruction going on. Passes for this are $50 for 6 sessions.