Halifax Circus Performance Company

Add excitement to your event, fun to your festivities, colour to your corporate event and and visual flair to your theatre with Halifax Circus!

At Halifax Circus we have sophisticated jugglers, stilt walkers, unicyclists, acrobats, fire eaters, and aerialists available to make your event memorable!

Our performers have toured the United Sates with the Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers, through Spain with Circus Mondial, Italy with Circus Offi and England with Gandey’s Circus.

We’ve brought our blend of circus, clowning and theatrics to the:

  • International Mime Festival, Montreal
  • International Clown Festival, Mimbai and Goa, India
  • Singapore River Festival, Singapore
  • Shambala Festival, British Columbia
  • Burning Man, Nevada
  • Bamboo Bass Festival, Costa Rica

And dozens of other festivals, corporate events, and everywhere audiences crave excitement, thrilling acts of precision and acrobatic skill, and consummate clowning.


Want to book our performance troupe for your next event? We are able to put together a package

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Jenn at Nautica 2016 by Bruce W nelson.jpg


The Coast review of Halifax Circus’s Nautica, September 8, 2016
Nautica explores the traditionally masculine world of sailing with an all-female cast from Halifax Circus, who rock in hammocks fashioned from silks, climb a rope mast to lookout for land, and ride the waves on a trapeze.
Featuring acrobatics and aerials, the story is told in seven vignettes set to music from artists as disparate as Tori Amos, Massive Attack and Great Big Sea. In Revelry, the crew cavorts in a tavern, flirting with each other and drunkenly showboating as they tumble and swing. In Sirens, one trapeze artist entices another until they are swinging together with limbs intertwined, languidly waving like seaweed in a current. The embodiment of a storm spins frantically on the silks in Maelstrom, menacing our sailors and threatening to drown them as they brace against the wind, clutching each other.
Entrancing, expressive and skillful, the multifaceted vignettes weave a tale of passion, joy, and respect for the power of the sea. Worth seeing even if you don’t know that partial ticket proceeds go to Circus Circle, a youth drop-in program that teaches circus and life skills.
— Nicole Maunsell - The Coast
The Coast review of Halifax Circus’s Up in the Air: A Circus Love Story 2015

Kristin Langille Dahl looks like an angel floating high above the St. Matthew’s Church grounds, and the outdoor atmosphere of Up in the Air makes it unique among this year’s fringe offerings. Don’t expect circus-style spectacle in this show, which is actually an intimate duet. In a nearly wordless love story, a romance blossoms and fades, told through acrobatics. The affair starts off with Alex Smith serenading Langille Dahl on his guitar, and she invites him to dance. Slow dance turns to lively break dance, and soon romance sparks between them. Where there’s spark there’s fire, and the couple’s fire dancing is impressive, even as our hero’s flame burns out early, leaving our heroine’s fiery passion unrequited. The show is at its most glorious when Smith and Langille Dahl interact in a somewhat balletic motion, both aloft high in the air, entangled in flowing white fabric and bathed in dancing light. The transitions between numbers in the show are a bit slow and inelegant compared to the beauty when the performers focus on one another. Langille Dahl’s prowess, hovering high above a concrete slab, keeps the show feeling lively. The uncomplicated girl-meets-loses-boy narrative may only skim the emotional surface, but one can be moved by the daring of the performers, because this acrobatic show, just like love, is all about trust. It’s one of the most visually arresting shows at the festival. 
— Patricia Denyko - The Coast