FRIDAYS 3:00 – 5:00PM & SATURDAYS 2:00-4:00PM

Open Gym is for Halifax Circus current students and instructors to use the gym during set times to train and practice their skills. Instructors are on hand for safety reasons, but there is no formal instruction going on. Passes for this are $50 for 6 sessions.



 Beginner Aerials

Monday 6:30PM - 8PM - Jennifer MacLatchy

No experience necessary! Learn the basics in a safe, fun, and progressive class designed to help you build strength and skills you need to succeed in the air. Mixed Apparatus!(Aerial Hoop/Silks/Trapeze/Rope)

Beginner Aerials


No experience necessary! Learn the basics in a safe, fun, and progressive class designed to help you build strength and skills you need to succeed in the air. Mixed Apparatus! (Silks/Trapeze/Rope)

Beginner Aerials

Thursday 5PM - 6:30PM AND 6:30 - 8PM - Kristin Langille

No experience required! This class will take students of any or no background, and teach them the basic motions and concepts of aerials in a fun, supportive environment. Let Kristin's belief and enthusiasm lift you up in the air.

(Trapeze/Silks/Aerial Hoop)

you - "but I'm not strong enough for aerials!"

us - "not yet, but that's what class is for, you silly goose!"



Wednesday 6:30PM - 8PM - Chenise Haché

A silks and trapeze class designed for students who have taken one or more sessions of aerial circus but are not yet inverting. Students will build on their strength and technique as they learn basic moves and choreography on each apparatus. 


Saturday 10:30am - 12PM - GUinevere Last


Students who have taken at least one session of aerial classes will continue to learn foundational skills, build strength and stamina in the air, and improve technique in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Basic choreography and transitions will be explored on silks, cerceau, trapeze, sling, and rope. Challenging, but doable! 



Aerial Silks, Sling, and Hammock

Wednesday 8PM - 9:30PM - Guinevere Last

Multi-level: One session of previous aerial experience required.

Whether you are newer to aerials or an experienced inverter this class is for you! Students will be grouped together according to level and work at a pace that is challenging, but do-able. We will work on creative vertical skills on traditional silks, learn new movements on hammock and sling, and see where the crossover between them exists. Come add a whole new vocabulary to your circus skills and get a great workout at the same time!

Mixed Vertical Apparatus 

Friday 5:30PM - 7PM Guinevere Last

Interested in learning more about the nitty gritty of how vertical apparatuses work? Develop core skills, build strength, improve form, and begin to improvise, all while understanding what is keeping you safe in the air. Apparatuses touched on will include silks, straps, rope and hammock. Try out all of them or specialize in one. See how moves translate from one to another! Open to all students who have at least one session of aerials under their belt. 

mixed level aerial performance

Wednesday 8PM - 9:30PM With Alternating teachers:

Guinevere Last + Chenise Haché


This is a skills based performance class specifically dedicated to building up your experience and confidence performing on various aerial apparatus. Each week will focus on a new aspect of performing including: beginning a piece, setting the scene, ambient work, improvisation, character work, professional etiquette, and more! In addition, every class will also include dedicated time for solo act creation with developmental support and individual feedback from instructors and peers. This is the perfect class to transition your aerial skills into aerial performance and a great opportunity to develop a piece you are truly proud of for future student showcases. Anyone with two or more sessions of aerial experience is welcome.


Early Aerials

Tuesday 11AM - 12:30PM - Alex Smith

Wacky schedule? Early riser? Come for this intermediate/mixed, brunch time, 1.5 hour class. Explore aerial circus work on all apparatus, get pumped for your day and let Alex's amazing attitude charge you up. A wide focus of exploring skills, strength, flexibility and self care. Rise and shine!



Youth Aerials (7-12 YRS)

saturday 12PM - 1PM - KRISTIN LANGILLE + Ethan AVila

This class is specially designed for youth to discover aerials in a safe, progressive, and fun space. Through a combination of games, yoga, play, and a structured curriculum we work on positive body awareness, strength, and flexibility. Try out the aerial silks, trapeze, cerceau, and hammock. A low teacher to student ratio allows for plenty of one-on-one time, and a safety conscious exploration of the upside-down world above the ground. Plus (and this one is for you, parents) we burn a ton of energy!