Beginner Aerials

Thursday 5PM - 6:30PM - Kristin Langille

No experience required! This class will take students of any or no background, and teach them the basic motions and concepts of aerials in a fun, supportive environment. Let Kristin's belief and enthusiasm lift you up in the air. 

you - "but I'm not strong enough for aerials!"

us - "not yet, but that's what class is for, you silly goose!"



Wednesday 6:30PM - 8PM - Chenise Hache

A silks and trapeze class designed for students who have taken one or more sessions of aerial circus but are not yet inverting. Students will build on their strength and technique as they learn basic moves and choreography on each apparatus. 


Straps and Rope Foundations 

Friday 5PM - 6:30PM Guinevere Last (with Madelaine Higgins)

Looking to try something new? This class is for beginner plus to advanced students interested in learning about movement on apparatuses beyond silks and trapeze. Learn basic mounts, holds, spins, and choreography. Begin prepping for more advanced rolls, drops, and momentum work. Be prepared to have fun and be challenged!


Intermediate Silks

Wednesday 8PM - 9:30PM Guinevere Last

This class is for intermediate and advanced students who are already familiar with some basic moves on silks. It is for any student who wants to get into the nitty gritty of silks theory and technique, build a strong foundation, increase endurance in the air, and learn more complex choreography. This is for students who want to improve performance skills and those who just want a good workout. Get ready to be challenged and be creative!


intermediate aerials (cerceau and trapeze)

Monday 6:30PM - 8PM - Jennifer MacLatchy

For intermediate and advanced students who are already familiar with some basic moves on cerceau and trapeze, this class will focus on different ways to roll or spin around, through, or on the bar or the rope. We will use these rolls as methods of transitioning between poses to work towards a smooth and graceful flow of aerial movements. 


intermediate aerials (mixed APPARATUS)

Sunday 5:30PM - 7PM - Madelaine Higgins

A mixed-apparatus class for those with a solid handle on the basics, looking to explore aerial circus more in-depth. This class is full of drills, skill breakdowns, and creative conditioning. We will explore new material specific to each student, while developing our overall skill level as a class. This class will cover vertical apparatus (silks, rope), bar apparatus (trapeze, hoop), and touch on aerial straps, partner work, flexibility and body care.


advanced aerials

Monday 8PM - 9:30PM - Madelaine Higgins

This class is designed for students with a strong understanding of the building blocks of aerial technique and choreo under their belt. We will be exploring a variety of research methods on vertical and bar apparatus, as well as covering performance skills, act creation, and dynamic strength training. Cross-training for injury prevention, #splitsforclaps, and other aerialist dark magic will also be covered.


Trapeze intensive

Thursday 6:30PM - 8PM - Kristin Langille

This class is for intermediate and advanced students who want to explore in depth work with the trapeze. Kristin's trapeze work has won awards in aerial competitions and she wants to share her knowledge with you. Advanced movements and conditioning will be offered, while focusing on your specific goals and vision.


Aerials for strength

Thursdays 8PM - 9:30PM - Alex Smith

This is an all levels class meant to build and improve technique in fundamental aerials motions, with less focus on performance, sequence building and complex wraps, drops etc. A heavy focus on fun, fitness and understanding of the body. Good for students who want to get fit, but don't have a performance focus, or for performers who want to elevate the strength and dynamic elements of their practice. Get ready for beats of all kinds, inversions, stability in advanced poses and lots of climbing,

(WARNING! - May cause swelling in upper body, weight loss, aerial super powers)


Teen aerials and circus

Wednesday 5PM - 6:30PM - Madelaine Higgins

A great way for youths to explore the arts, grain strength, and freak out their friends. This class will cover the pillars of contemporary circus practice: acrobatics, team building, flexibility, superhuman strength, handstands, aerials, movement and improv. Are you a youth? Do you feel like crawling out of your own skin sometimes? Been there-- survived that. Come circus about it.


Early Aerials

Tuesday and Thursday 11AM - 12:30 - Kristin Langille

Wacky schedule? Early riser? Come for this all levels, brunch time, 1 hour class. Explore aerial circus work on all apparatus, get pumped for your day and let Kristin's amazing attitude charge you up. A wide focus of exploring skills, strength, flexibility and self care. Rise and shine!


Parent and youth (6-16)

Saturday 12PM - 1:30PM - Kristin Langille

This is an open level, 1 hour aerial class for you and your independent, active child who is able to focus and follow directions without you by their side. Come learn and grow together, gain a shared interest and invest in the health and happiness of your family. Explore aerials with a focus on partnered and independent work, strength, flexibility and self care.  Every parent wants a child that is brave, capable and playful and now you can lead by example.